Supervisory Training Series On-Demand Learning

5 courses



In this online supervisory training series, you will learn communication skills, the role of a supervisor, change management, how to lead and manage change, and how to manage employee performance. By enrolling, you will have access to all of ERC's video-based supervisory training courses. 

This a self-guided series that can be taken on your schedule. The bundle is intended for individual use only, and it is priced per person. 

Each course in the series is between 35-45 minutes in length. You can start and stop sessions at any time. If you need to stop and leave a module, it will save where you left off. 

View the course demo here. 

Purchase of this series offers 90-day access from purchase date.

The cost of this course is $445 per learner. Are you an ERC member? Members get 10% off with code ERCMEMBER10.

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