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A difficult conversation is a planned discussion about an uncomfortable topic or a negative experience. The goal of having this conversation is to share different perspectives, build mutual understanding, and develop respect. The goal is not to win.

Avoiding such conversations may seem to be an option at first, but doing so can lead to stress, resentment toward others, and an escalated conflict that becomes harder to resolve. On the other hand, engaging in a difficult conversation skillfully can help strengthen the relationship and lead to a solution.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn tools and practices to have more effective conversations in areas of performance, behavior, attitude, and challenging situations that need to be addressed. Enrollment includes access to an electronic participant's guide and optional knowledge check.  

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  • Learn what makes some conversations so hard
  • Identify how to prepare for these conversations
  • Learn a format to use while having a difficult conversation
  • Learn how to deal with defensive reactions
  • Difficult conversation scenarios and solutions framework

Introduction to Navigating Difficult Conversations
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2. What Makes Some Conversations So Hard
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3. Have You Ever?
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4. How to Prepare a Difficult Conversation
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5. Types of Feedback
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6. Having the Conversation
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7. Handling Defensive Reactions
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8. Example Scenarios and Your Personal Action Plan
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Navigating Difficult Conversations Knowledge Check
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