Harassment Prevention & Professionalism in the Workplace, Two-Hour eLearning Course for Managers & Supervisors

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In today’s workplace, culture is king. The culture you foster as an employer impacts all aspects of your business, not only your ability to recruit and retain employees but also your organization’s reputation and ultimately, your bottom line. As your first line of defense, your managers and supervisors must have a strong and effective skill set, including the skills to detect, prevent and respond to harassment.

This timed, two-hour course was created to address the needs of managers and supervisors, who represent their employer and are responsible for the swift and compliant response to complaints brought forth by employees. Employer liability, specific response actions, retaliation, and limited confidentiality are all addressed in this course.   

The course brings the learner through a series of scenario-based and interactive exercises, followed by knowledge assessments. Offering professional narration and quality design, the course combines ease of use for the learner, with the flexibility to learn anytime on-demand, and on any mobile device. Click on the Course Content tab above to see the course modules.

Looking for a course for your individual contributors? ERC also offers a separate, one-hour course, Harassment Awareness & Professionalism in the Workplace. In addition to awareness of the types of harassment and the subtle ways it can occur, this course emphasizes the appropriate actions your employees should take when they witness or experience harassment or retaliation in your workplace. 

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eLearning Navigation Instructions
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Lesson 1 | Inappropriate Workplace Behavior
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Lesson 2 | Workplace Discrimination in the Form of Harassment
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Lesson 3 | Employee Rights and Responsibilities
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Lesson 4 | Knowledge Check
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Lesson 5 | Positive Leadership
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Lesson 6 | Employee Protections
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Lesson 7 | Employer Best Practices
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Lesson 8 | Cumulative Post-Assessment
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